Below are some recommended places for additional information, supplies or personalized assistance from ripening experts.



Postharvest Supplies

QA Supplies, LLC 

  • Pulp Thermometers for measuring internal temperature of fruit

  • Firmness Testers to test fruit firmness, an indicator of ripeness for some fruits

  • Refractometers for measuring soluble solids content (BRIX) on some fruits, an indicator of maturity

  • Humidifiers to maintain relative humidity in ripening rooms & other produce storage areas

  • Pallet Covers for protecting fruit susceptible to chill damage in transit


Catalytic Generators, LLC

Ethylene Application Equipment: Ethylene Generators and Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate

Corrigan Corporation of America

The VaporDry™ system for maintaining relative humidity for storage of produce as well as ripening/degreening processes:

On-site Technical Ripening Assistance


Dennis Kihlstadius, Produce Technical Services

Offering Post Harvest Technology and consulting to the produce industry. Field of expertise is postharvest handling of climacteric fruit. Provides technical services world-wide to such clients as California Tomato Commission, California Pear Advisory Board, Florida Tomato Committee, USA Pear Bureau, and California Avocado Commission.

P.O.Box 785 / Bemidji, MN 56619

Phone: 310-567-8445  



Ripening Technical Help







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